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Our company was founded in 1999, therefore it has a history of more than 20 years. During this period, the company’s activities included the manufacturing of security and protection systems such as access control systems, electronic guard tour systems, electronic key control systems, smart locker, and RFID assets management systems. Furthermore, it included the development of application software, embedded hardware control system, and cloud-based server system.

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We are constantly utilizing our 20 years of experience for the development of our key cabinets in the field of security & protection market. We develop, produce, and sell our products in worldwide, and create the perfect solutions together with our resellers and customers. In our solutions we use the latest electronic component, equipment and technology therefore we manufacture and deliver high-reliability, high-tech, and high-quality systems to our customers.

Our Team

Our company is a team of the best engineeries available in the field of security & protection, with blood of youth, the passion for creating new solutions, eager to face new challenges. Thanks to their enthusiasm and qualifications, we are perceived as reliable partners supplying optimal products which increase safety and continence of our customers. We are open to the needs of our customers, who expect personalized and non-standard approach to specific issue and our adjustment to specific conditions of a given customer

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1999, Landwell was Found in Beijing, and released our first product – contact guard tour mornitoring device, and the Guard Patrol Management Software A1.0.

2000-2004, Landwell established RFID technology R&D center in Beijing, and successively released 3000EF series offline guard patrol management system.

2005, 2.4GHz long range guard tour checkpoints and data collector launched.

2008, our company engineers participated in the drafting of national electronic inspection standards.

2009, Landwell developed i-keybox series electronic key cabinets and key management software V1.0 which obtained software copyright.

2011,company's address was relocated to Ganglv mansion, Wangjing

By 2015, 16 subsidiaries and branches across China were established

2016, Landwell developed the cloud-based real-time guard tour monitoring systems.

2017, RFID based intelligent file cabinet and intelligent tool cabinet have obtained a number of product patents and relevant software copyright certificates.

2018-2019, A180E, H2000, H3000 and other series of products have been developed, indicating that the company's business is gradually shifting to the goal of commercial and office intelligence

2020, K26 was developed, which has a new appearance and design concept. It fully embodies the fashionable smart office key management concept of "Nice appearance and use friendly".





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